Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer (and plot analysis/guessing)


So first up: SQQQUUUUEEEEEEE to waking up to this.

Now for analysis.

It had been rumored that Benedict Cumberbatch was going to play Khan or Gary Mitchell. Most of the news I’ve seen has strongly suggested Mitchell. There was a plot synopsis a week or so ago that used key phrases like “personal score” and “epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart.”  Now, these are the usual sort of things that are used in movie pitches. However: in Where No Man Has Gone Before, the TOS episode where Gary Mitchell appeared, he was Kirk’s best friend (despite never being seen or mentioned before, so the turmoil between them wasn’t felt as much as it should’ve been.) from the Academy, making this personal, and also referring to the friendship being torn apart. The episode opens with a chess game and gets mentioned throughout. The love could just be Uhura/Spock, or it could refer to Elizabeth Dehner, the psychiatrist who falls for Gary and who joins/betrays him. The synopsis also mentioned a “one-man weapon of mass destruction,” which sounds more like someone with god-like “esp”powers than just an übermensch from the Eugenics Wars.

As for info from the trailer, the blonde Starfleet officer looks exactly like Elizabeth Dehner.



It could be a bait-and-switch, but I dunno.

So on Twitter, Linkara had this to say:



After the reboot movie, IDW put out comics continuing the story, beginning with a retelling ofWhere No Man Has Gone Before. I only read the first issue, as it stuck relatively close to the original story and I didn’t think it added much. So, what if this movie comes after that? Gary Mitchell comes back for revenge after being stranded, like Khan, but without actuallyredoing Wrath of Khan.

To really make things complicated, check out the extended ending of the Japanese trailer.

That… is Spock’s hand on one side of glass with someone else’s, presumably Kirk’s, on the other. Just like in the end of Wrath of Khan. Now I don’t know what to think. Oh… my fiance just pointed out that in the trailer Scotty is holding Uhura while she’s crying, in the Engine Room. They’re going to kill Spock, aren’t they?!

Alright, speculation aside, the trailer looks really really cool and I am so extra excited now.

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